We Appreciate You!

McMinnville Education Foundation thanks each of these individuals and businesses for their ongoing support:

$50 – $200
Rick and Jan Allen
Della and Richard Carpenter
Colin and Candice Cameron
Margaret Miller
Jeffery and Charlotte Smith
Mark and Jennifer Trumbo
Virginia Crabtree
Marianne Mills
David and Juliana Hayes
J & W Auto Body
Candace Kirsch
Russell Weaver and Jennifer Scott
Susan Means
John and Allison Taylor
Karen R. Willis
Susan Whyte and Irving Wiswall
Steve and Judy Rex
Textiles Graphics
Marilyn Crouser

$250 – $450
Margie Viall
Robert R. Stuart
Patricia Waltz
Ryan Berger and Rachael Woolley
John and Joan Schindelar
Jennifer Feero
Michael and Christy McCoy
Paul and Patty Haddeland
Gerald Larson
Mindy Larson
Susanne Falkensteen Howard
Jeb Bladine
Convergent Products

$500 – $950
Charles and Cherie Walker
Douglas and Jayne Hurl
Gary and Kathryn Cabe
Jay and Mollie Post
Kathleen Kollasch
Margaret Cross
Gary and Kathryn Cabe
John and Molly Peterson

$1,000 – $5,000
Dr. Harry and Carol McCulley
Kate Passo
Ronni Lacroute
Electro Design
Precision Analytical

Bruce Waltz
Michael Hampton
Rona Asphlom
Brian Bixler
Kathleen Booth
Erin Combs
Nicole Curry
Cleto Delgato
Cameron Gallop
Stacy House
Francis T Regan
Megan Whitaker
Kourtney Ferrua
Stephanie Frost
Susan Haskins-Bulgin
Jared Larson
Jill Long
Sharlee Rettke

Gary & Kathy Cabe
Ginny Crabtree
Harry & Carol McCulley
Michael & Kate Passo
Steven & Mindy Paterson
John & Molly Peterson
Jay & Mollie Post
Maryalice Russell
Verdant Enterprizes, LLC

Casey & Karen Manfrin
Washington Roofing Company

Douglas & Linda Cruikshank
Hagan Hamilton Ins. Solutions
John & Kelley Kennedy
Kathy Kollasch
Jared & Mindy Larson
Don & Jean Oliver
Daniel Sheppard
Dale & Carolyn Tomlinson
Margie Viall & Andy Marks
Charles & Cherie Walker
Bruce Waltz
Patricia Waltz

Bernards, CPA
Convergent Products
Michael & Laura Hampton
Susanne Howard
J & W Carstar
Jonathan Kelly
Gerald Legard
Jill Long
Margaret (Peg) Miller
Linda Town

Up to $250
Diana Anderson
Neal D. Anderson
Rona Aspholm
Christine Bader
Lisa Macy-Baker
Joseph Beaty
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Georgine Benner
Brian Bixler
Roxanne Blankenship
Karleen Booth
Janis Braich
Gary & Diane Buckley
Michael & Lori Burton
Candice & Colin Cameron
Twila Clevenger
Erin Combs
Daniel & Mary Corrigan
Nicole Curry
Cleto Delgado
Susan Escure
Kourtney Ferrua
First Federal S & L
Steffanie Frost
Cameron Gallop
Patricia & John Gaunt
Golden Valley Brewery & Rest.
Patty & Paul Haddeland
Susan Haskins-Bulgin
David & Juliana Hayes
Molly Herbst
Sue Horstman
Barry & Jeanette House
Stacy House
Doug & Jayne Hurl
Scott Instenes
J & W Auto Body, LLC
Martha Karson
Gary & Kim Kilmer
Stephanie Legard
John & Linda Lenyo
Jonathan Lloyd
JacE & Steve Macy
Mary Sue Macy
Margie Marks
Michael & Christy McCoy
Jeneve McMann
McMinnville Art & Wine Walk
Karen Moshier
Kristin Muldoon
NW Logging Supply
Robert Parry
Nancy Paul
Steven & Cindee Paulsen
Dittle Payne Family Fund
Francis T Regan
Sharlee Rettke
Steven & Judy Rex
Corinne L. Rice
Sawgrass Country Club
Joan & John Shindelar
Cindy Shultz
David & Julie Siepmann
Andrew Silva
Jeffery Smith
Karen & James Sulak
Alison Taylor
Barbara & Gregory Valentine
Russel Weaver & Jennifer Scott
Jonathon Wentworth-Ping
Megan Whitaker
Allyson Winder-Raine
Susan Barnes Whyte

Donations in memory of:
Maria Stuart
Richard Kendrick
William Reid
Karen Wenzel

Alexana Winery
Angela Estate Winery
Archery Summit
Brick House Wines
Brittan Vineyards
Coeur de Terre Vineyard
Colene Clemens Vineyards
Communique Wines
Cramoisi Vineyard
Domaine Serene
Domino IV Wines
Elizabeth Chambers Cellar
Elk Cove Vineyards
Et Fille Wines
Fairsing Vineyard
Failla Wines
J.L. Kiff Vineyard
J. Wrigley Winery
Matzinger-Davies Wine Co.
MonksGate Vineyard & Wines Nasty Woman Wines
Project M Wines
R. Stuart & Co. Winery
Remy Wines
Roshni Vineyard
Solena Estate
Stoller Family Estate
Troon Vineyard
Viento Wines
Winderlea Vineyard & Winery Winter’s Hill Estate
Yamhill Valley Vineyards

Many thanks to the individuals and local businesses who help make Runtoberfest so successful and for supporting MEF.

$1000 (Platinum level)
McMinnville Education Association
Physicians Medical Center

$600 (Gold level)
Macy and Son Funeral Directors
OnPoint Community Credit Union
Willamette West Realtors

$300 (Silver level)
Lynden Carnahan (Pacific Residential Mortgage)
Dr. Diesburg, DDS
4 elements yoga
Hyder Family Dentistry
Marathon Painting
Therapeutic Associates/Ability Physical Therapy

$150 (Bronze level)
Electro-design/Casey & Karen Manfrin
Excell Fitness
Evergreen Accounting LLC
NW Logging Supply, Inc
Solid Form & Fabrication
Third Street Books
Wark Dental Group
West Hills Physical Therapy
Bruce & Katrina Williams